Fast Setup - Seamless Integration

Stop switching back and forth from Zendesk to Mixpanel. Automatically import your customers' Mixpanel data directly into Zendesk tickets. You’ll be answering support tickets faster and better than ever!

Easy Installation

Simply set the Mixpanel $email person property within your app, and we handle the rest

Import User Profile

Your team can access key information about your customers while answering support tickets

Import Events

Retrace your customers' steps leading up to a support request - without leaving the Zendesk support ticket.


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Save Precious Hours on Technical Support

Put a stop to endless email chains when trying to understand your customer's actual problem. Get instant clarity on the issue and get back to making money!

Data-driven support will allow you to spend less time writing emails and more time focusing on your core business. Try Mixpanel App for Zendesk for FREE and enjoy the savings!

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Spread Happiness & Leave Competition in the Dust

Let’s face it - companies that provide an excellent customer experience really blow their competitors away. The Mixpanel integration is the perfect add-on to Zendesk to make your support even better, so you can truly stand out. This powerful app extension will allow you to:

  • Retain more customers and create raving fans by providing unparalleled customer support
  • Cut costs by keeping your support team smaller, efficient, and more effective
  • Spend less time and money building "super admin" dashboard features - your developers will appreciate this!

See It In Action

Get Started For Free

To make it easy for you to start reaping the benefits of this app, we're giving you 1 month free access to the Mixpanel App for Zendesk for unlimited agents. Simply use the promocode IHEARTDATA when installing the app and the discount will be applied automatically.

Contact & Customizations

Questions? Looking to customize the app for your business? Need expert consultants to install Mixpanel?

We’d be glad to help! Send us an email at [email protected]