Telnet Kickstart by Idealabs

Award Amount

€25,000 (approx. $28,000 USD)


Antwerp, Belgium


4 months


  • €25,000 per team
  • Idealabs, the partner of Telenet, offers training sessions, mentoring workshops, specialist classes and above all continuous monitoring of product development
  • Mentorship from field experts, experienced entrepreneurs and business professionals
  • Demo Day opportunity to pitch startup to audience of investors, venture capitalists, business angels

Who Can Apply

  • Anyone with an innovative idea and passion for business
  • International applicants welcome to apply
  • All ages welcome to apply

Selection Criteria

Telnet is looking for ideas related to the core competencies of its business:

  • Connected Entertainment: the world of music, photos, video and gaming
  • Connected Living: solves challenges in society that affect us all – social issues such as employment, aging, care, welfare, ecology
  • Connected Business: helps self-employed entrepreneurs and companies to make their business more efficient with digital solutions or to explore new business opportunities in the digital economy

Application Process

  • Written application in English


  • Requires a full time commitment of the team
  • Following the program closely is strongly encouraged

Follow Up Funding

  • 4 startups will be selected for the next “Growth” phase
  • Growth phase lasts 4-5 months
  • Focuses on additional customer validation, further product development, business development, building a sales and marketing plan, outlining a financial plan and pricing model, concluding strategic partnerships.
  • Each startup in the “Growth” phase will receive a €50,000 convertible note


Telenet Kickstart by Idealabs

As always, this program takes ZERO equity!