Lisbon Challenge

Lisbon Challenge used to be an equity-free accelerator with an investment of around $1100 USD. It’s now an equity based accelerator which invests € 10,000 in exchange for 1.5% stake in your company. This may still be a good option for startups looking to get their companies off the ground while giving up minimal equity.

Award Amount

€1000 (approx. $1100 USD)


Lisbon, Portugal


10 Weeks


  • Up to €1000 travel/accommodation grant for international start ups
  • €150,000 in perks
  • Lisbon Challenge takes no equity
  • 1000+ workshops and mentoring to help you succeed
  • 200+ mentors from across the globe for your assistance and mentoring
  • Popcorn week, Demo Week, and Alumni program
  • Free office space and infrastructure in the Lisbon city center
  • Easy access to top events
  • Teams interaction, leisure events, and road show for alumni

Who Can Apply

  • Lisbon challenge welcomes the candidates from across the globe
  • Interested candidates with innovative mind and business empowering experience
  • Applicants must be 18 years or above
  • Minimum two members of your team should stay in Lisbon during the program
  • Applicants and the team members should be able to communicate in English, as all sessions will be conducted in English

Selection Criteria

  • Lisbon Challenge seeks innovative, skillful, and business minded candidates
  • Your company profile, business summary, and objectives should be impressive
  • More information about your business, ideas, and prototype will secure a higher chance of selection
  • Sound knowledge / experience about the Tech industry with an international mindset

Application Process

  • Submit written application form with all mandatory details
  • After one month of the application submission deadline, the selection result will be disclosed
  • If selected, you will receive the confirmation


  • At least two members of the team must stay in Lisbon for 10 weeks
  • Team should be committed to participate in all mentoring sessions, events, etc.
  • Team members need to be highly active


Lisbon Challenge