Award Amount

$40,000 USD


San Juan, Puerto Rico


5 months


  • $40,000 USD per team
  • Co-working space in a vibrant and urban environment, with super-fast internet, a few blocks away from the beach
  • A complete support system and acceleration program, with high-level resources and access to a global network

Who Can Apply

  • Must have a prototype for a globally scalable business
  • 1 team leader and up to 2 team members per application
  • Company cannot be more than 3 years old
  • Must be a US or Puerto Rican incorporated company
  • If your company is not incorporated in the US or PR, you may still apply, and Parallel18 will help you incorporate at the beginning of the program
  • Applicant must be over 18 years old

Selection Criteria

  • Globally minded startups looking to start or expand business in Puerto Rico
  • Concepts which have been validated and are looking to scale operations

Application Evaluation

  • Product or Service (30%)
  • Market and Competitive Positioning (30%)
  • Team Mix, Qualification & Experience (30%)
  • Dedication and Focus (10%)

Application Process

  • Written application on YouNoodle platform
  • Recommendation letter
  • 3 minute pitch video


  • Team leader/beneficiary must be full-time dedicated to the startup
  • Team members (besides Beneficiary) are NOT required to live in PR
  • Team members (besides Beneficiary) are NOT required to work full time on the startup
  • Company must be willing to incorporate in US or Puerto Rico

Follow Up Funding

  • Puerto Rico Science and Technology Trust that matches capital raised (up to US $75K)



As always, this program takes ZERO equity!